Interdisciplinary Workshop in Heidelberg


TAU Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences faculty members went to Heidelberg to participate in the workshop aiming to produce interdisciplinary projects.
In Heidelberg University, which hosted the workshop on language, communication, history, and migration from a Turkish and German perspective, interdisciplinary discussions were held in group work as well as generating ideas to produce more projects.

PhD Presentations

On the first day of the workshop, 3 research assistants who went to Germany to do their doctorate from Turkey as MEB scholars presented their doctoral studies. After the presentations, a question-answer panel was held and the first day of the workshop ended.

Identification of Projects

The second day of the workshop started with group work on various topics. Divided into three different groups, namely violence, misinformation, identity formation and migration, the team presented project examples at the end of an hour's work. The second workshop will be held at TAU ​​in April.