"Culture Talks Congress" was held by students of Cultural and Communication Studies


The first of the "Culture Talks" organized by students of Cultural and Communication Studies on 17/05/2019 took place between 10:00 and 12:30.

Prof. Dr. Füsun Alver, Head of the Department of Cultural and Communication Studies opened the congress with a short opening speech. In the following the wiss. Oguz Güner started with the introduction of the first session. Berkay Celik started the session, which included a total of 3 presentations. Mr. Celik's presentation was about the topic of "Culture". 

The session was continued by Rukiye Cetinkaya. Ms. Cetinkaya spoke about the well-known sociologist Bourdieu. The session was concluded with Baris Develioğlu's text on Roland Barthes and semiotics.
After a short break, the second session began. This session was moderated by wiss. Adalet Duman, a research assistant, as moderator. Su Efsane Akpinar started the session with a talk on Adorno's concept of culture industry.  The session continued with Emin Kalınkara's speech bringing together colonial art and contemporary art. Finally, Ebru Duman ended the session with Hofstede's speech on cultural dimension theory. 

Thus, the first congress titled "Cultural Talks of the Students of Cultural and Communication Studies" was successfully held.