Research Results on Digital Classes Published


The research topic "Digital Classes in Times of Pandemic" was conducted with the participation of researchers from different disciplines. Dr. Ayşe Elif Posos Devrani and research assistants Adalet Duman and İpek Kesici started the research in March. The data collection phase was then conducted in May and June. 
The increasing importance of distance learning, mainly caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the need to conduct almost all courses remotely. Regarding the impact and attitudes of faculty toward distance learning, Dr. Posos-Devrani commented as follows:

"When we noted that the difficulties of transitioning to distance education were discussed with a focus on students and parents, we wondered about the experiences of teachers at the K12 level. According to the report's findings, most teachers want to integrate the digital tools they experienced in the mandatory and urgent distance education process into their teaching, usually for the first time. We are pleased to see that both the MoNe and non-governmental organizations and initiatives are taking rapid steps over the summer and fall on the aspects that can be improved in the report. We need more research to see how these efforts are making a difference." 

You can access the research results at the following link: