Culture Talks: 2nd Student Congress


On 10/24/2019, the 2nd Student Congress was held under the title Culture Talks.  

The first session of the Student Congress opened with moderation by research assistant İpek Kesici. Three speakers presented different topics in communication studies. Speaker Ebru Duman gave the lecture "Belief system and way of life in Göbeklitepe", Sezer Eski gave a lecture on "Women in science and patriarchal culture" and Mehmet Emin Yazıcıoğlu presented the topic "Cultural imperialism in the modern world".
After a short break, the second session started with the moderation of research associate Sefa Pala. Three speakers also gave a presentation in the second session. Su Efsane Akpınar presented her lecture "Reflections and Analysis of Violence in Mass Media" to the audience, Mehmet Ali Özkul gave a lecture on " The Nature of Punishment and the Effects of Imprisonment" and Bilalcan Baydeniz presented the topic "Women's Fiction in the Framework of Law and Culture Relationship".