Best Book Design Award to the Research Associate of the Faculty of Culture and Social Sciences


The best book design award at the 38th Graphic Designers Association(GMK) design exhibition this year went to research assistant Sefa Pala, of TDU's Faculty of Culture and Social Sciences. Sefa Pala received the award for designing the book “Deukisch. Von Gastarbeiterdeutsch über Kanak Sprak bis zum Kiezdeutsch”.  The book, supervised by Wim Westerveld and Simone Schöler, is a visual archive and an attempt to visualize the language on code-switching in German and Turkish since the 1960s. The book was exhibited alongside the GMK exhibition at the Halic Congress Center as part of Design Week Turkey, November 14-17, 2019.   The Book Art Foundation is the next stop of the book. As part of the competition "The Most Beautiful Books from All Over the World", the book will be presented to the public at the Leipzig Book Fair and later at the Frankfurt Book Fair in March next year. The 38th GMK Graphic Design Exhibition can be viewed at the MSGSU Tophane-i Amire Art Center through November 30.
*The exhibition photos-All rights reserved GMK.